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Find out where the action is

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How does inkata maps work?


You decide who can work on your map.

Send the link to your map to all your friends.


via web browser

mobile, via smartphone app

Android app on Google Play


Publish your map.

You decide who gets to see your map.

Public Maps

Maps of other inkata users.

Your map, your data!

You decide who may work with you on your map.

As secure as you need it to be, as open as it should be.

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  • Quick & Easy
  • No Sign Up needed
  • Free of Charge
  • Mobile
  • Made in Germany

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inkata maps plus

inkata maps plus

More pictures, symbols and texts, no Ads!

More Features!

  • Read in GPX data
  • No ads
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inkata TOPVIEW

TOPVIEW can do more!

inkata TOPVIEW is the web based software solution for incident management.

  • total overview
  • efficient control
  • systematic analysis
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